Nathalie Serneels

When Monika and I first connected, I had no idea she was a coach. I just liked her energy and vibe so much. She is an amazing woman; fun, so kind-hearted and genuinely caring. At that time I was just looking into coaching courses and taking those first steps to setup my coaching practice. I believe faith must have had something to do with us finding each other. She was exactly what I needed and didn’t really know I was looking for!

Nathalie Serneels
Nathalie Serneels

We hopped on a Discovery call a few days after and talked about what was possible. I didn’t hesitate for a second and signed up for the 6 month coaching program. Throughout the program, Monika set out a clear base for how it might be possible to build my coaching practice. She shared ideas and suggestions and we set goals. 

She would encourage me along the way, making sure I stayed authentic and holding me accountable. I felt very safe and supported by her. It was like having my personal cheerleader! Of course, with every new step, I was confronted with new hurdles and fears I had to face. Monika was very patient and understanding about whatever was coming up for me. Yet, she always managed to help me get past those moments by challenging my fears, beliefs and coached me into the right mindset. During all our sessions and our interaction in between, she was very professional and engaged in my journey and growth. 

Over those few months working with Monika, I learned a lot and grew so much as a person and a coach. I got so much more out of this journey than I ever expected! I can honestly say I feel so confident being out there in the online space as a coach and believe in the true value I can offer my clients. And I know Monika played a huge part in me getting there. I feel so much love and gratitude for our journey together! 

To conclude, I can wholeheartedly recommend Monika to anyone wanting to start their own coaching business or anyone that wants to grow and improve themselves in life.


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