Ana Maria Nazare

I heartedly recommend Monika as a coach, as her smile, zest for life and intriguing questions will both comfort and challenge you. I started coaching with Monika because I wanted to progress my own career as a coach. 

During our sessions, I realised that I also needed to work on myself. By creating a safe, reflective space, Monika allowed me to regain my confidence. She was able to see in me what I was not yet able to see and accept.

Ana Maria Nazare
Ana Maria Nazare

Acting as my personal cheerleader, she helped me find my path through the distractions of self-sabotaging thoughts or external factors. I will always come back to what I learnt during our coaching sessions, as they ground me in my true self. 

I've discovered from Monika that hard lessons can also come with love and kindness, and that once you have developed love for yourself you can dare to ask more from life.


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