Danielle Bateman

In simple terms, if you want to create change and impact across your personal and professional life, you have to work with Monika. I cannot recommend her enough. She is a superb coach and a wonderful human being. 

I came across Monika when I was looking for a coach to help support me in setting up my business. I was approached by dozens of coaches. And Monika immediately shone through; her energy and vibe is absolutely infectious.

Danielle Bateman
Danielle Bateman

Working with Monika has been brilliant for me. I started out looking for support in setting up my business, but I actually came away with so much more. Monika has helped me grow across both my business and personal life. Helping me to get real perspective, stay grounded amongst the overwhelm, believe in myself truly, remind me of how amazing I am. And everything I have to be grateful for. As well as giving me stellar advice and practical support in setting up my business in a way that felt authentic to me.

She nails the balance between being uber-professional, sharp and inspiring, whilst being the most genuinely caring, and beautiful person. We also laughed. A lot : ) I feel so much love and gratitude for our work together. And cannot thank Monika enough.


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