Here's my story...

How I ended up doing what I do

So, let's start at the beginning...

I worked more. And then a little more.

Since I was a little girl in Warsaw (yup, that explains the surname) I knew I wanted more. I watched my mum work hard for everything we had, but we couldn’t afford holidays abroad or popular hobbies. 

In my early 20s I moved to London, figuring I could stand on my own two feet and maybe help her out in the process.

I remember looking at my first pay cheque from a bar job (Bonds in Mayfair!)

It meant so much to me, it meant possibilities. Independence. It meant that I could make it all happen! Naturally, I wanted more of it. So…I worked more. And then a little more. I quickly moved to the corporate world of marketing where I worked as a Personal Assistant. Turned out, I was really good at it. Perhaps too good…

I worked hard. My phone buzzed constantly with work messages. I even replied to emails while at the gym on a Sunday morning. I felt great. Important. Seen. Needed. The years shot by at 90 miles an hour.

Before I knew it, I was Chief of Staff – hanging out with the leadership team

And now I was managing my own team and travelling internationally. I was the proud owner of a fancy AMEX card, gym membership and, well, not much else. My love life was flatlining. The one guy I felt a strong connection with broke my heart. I was left thinking I wasn’t good enough, important enough or smart enough for anything or anyone. I vowed never to risk letting anyone else into my life…and just concentrate on work. Any free time I did have, I threw into creating my own coaching business. This at least allowed me to help others change their lives for the better.

My big red-light moment

In January 2020 I found out I had thyroid cancer. When I got home from the clinic, I sobbed uncontrollably – turns out an Amex can’t give you a cuddle when you need it most. The night before my surgery I stayed up till 3am working on a slide deck. Partly, because I didn’t know what else to do with myself, partly because I couldn’t face thinking about what was really going on for me. In the recovery room, I decided it was time to listen to this voice at the back of my head. I knew it was time to be vulnerable again. To risk getting hurt. To start creating a life that would truly make me happy – not just look impressive on paper.

Back to dating! Except this time, I meant it. I wanted and I was ready for something real. I matched with Andy. We met twice before Covid shut down the world and then spent months on Zoom talking about anything and everything. Finally, I realised there was more to my identity than work and a different life was possible. We now have the most incredible son, Henry, and so much love for each other.

Where I am today. With my boys, happy and content
Where I am today. With my boys, happy and content

Living for myself, and others

Life today still runs at 90mph, but at least I’m busy with things that mean the world to me. I ‘mum’, coach, mentor, smile at dogs and travel with the boys when I can. Being a mum and running a business is chaotic, messy, challenging and truly wonderful. I no longer ignore the voice at the back of my head. I don’t hide behind work and I don’t need to work crazy hours to feel worthy. I am at peace with who I am. I am grateful and just so happy that I get to help other women do the same for themselves. I am so much more present, fulfilled and apart from sleep (thanks Henry!), nothing else in my life seems to be missing. I love what I do and right now…this is the whole truth.


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