Linda Bereczki

I have known Monika’s work for over a year now and when she introduced her new program about courage, I had an instant urge to sign up which then led me to ‘The Time for Me is Now’ one-month long program. It was a great investment for my personal growth. I absolutely loved interacting and getting to know everyone with the small group we had and learning that I’m not alone with trying to and needing to better my life this way.

Linda Bereczki
Linda Bereczki

We all have our individual story and its challenges. Monika has put together an extensive workbook for us to complete each week. These were easy to follow but triggered the points that needed working on and they took me on a journey where I could dig deeper and deeper into my self-discovery process. Every part of the program was just right and well structured. With the weekly live sessions came accountability and having multiple streams of support & overview of each of our story. First, I found this challenging, but it was part of our growth, and it had a huge benefit on the outcome.

My takeaways are:

  1. Discovering how to deal with my self-doubts.
  2. Finding out what my real weaknesses are and how to work on them, especially on my boundaries. So I can now stand up for myself and my opinions. I no longer avoid confrontation and don’t compromise the things that matter the most to me.
  3. Learning what I really want and how to prioritise my actions to get to where I want to be
  4. Learning to receive (which isn’t all that easy when you are a giver and people pleaser)

I will definitely be completing the workbooks over and over again!

Monika is just an incredible human being. She is kind, accepting, supporting, inspiring and has a sharp eye & ear for what needs pointing out and working on. We had so many realisations.

I can recommend her coaching with great confidence to anyone.


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