Justyna Nascimento

I was looking for clarity and focus in life. I worked 9-5 in finance, being a mom, wife, average Londoner I could say. My days were filled with tasks, typical working mum routine. To escape rat race, I decided to study life coaching and developed interest in it. I saw Monika's profile on Facebook and immediately warmed up to her as a coach.
We scheduled an intro call. That was nearly a year ago.

Some very quick actions were taken by me almost immediately whilst we were working together. Monika made me complete my coaching course which I was postponing for weeks.

During and between our sessions we worked on improving my self esteem and taking control over my own life. Each session resulted in some life changing actions. I could now believe it!

It is not an understatement to say that I got a bonus and salary increase thanked to one session with Monika. She helped me prepare for the crucial meeting, made me feel stronger and believe in myself!
What is happening in my life right now is a direct effect of working with Monika.

Justyna Nascimento
Justyna Nascimento

I decided to study photography at Morley College from Sept 2023. My love for photography was there but with no focus, no clarity and no goals.
As a result of our sessions, I created a portfolio, went for the interviews, and secured a place at the college! This is one of the boldest moves I have made in recent years.

It is not only college that happened, I decided to become a branding photographer and already secured some sessions, including fashion designers, rowing coaches and even a wedding dress maker!

This would not have happened if we hadn't met. I needed that person to push me to do what I love which is photography. Monika is compassionate, caring..she always believed in me. One session with her can change direction in life.


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