Helen Leonowitz

For years, in fact for the vast majority of my adult life I have lived my life for other people. First for my parents as I worked tirelessly to become a successful professional in the banking industry and make them proud. Then, as a wife, as I strived to add perfect domesticity to the mix. By the time my twins were born I couldn’t even remember who the real me was. Thirty years later, divorced and the kids out of college and a pandemic shutting down the world, through serendipity and forces beyond my control, Monika helped me find myself.

From April to August 2020, Monika was my fulfillment coach. Through various avenues we both discovered who I am and how I can work toward making my life the most meaningful for me. She uncovered my strengths and unrealized potential. She helped me realize that I am able to advocate for myself, to drill down to the essential and take action. She made me accountable to myself. This was not done in a controlling manner. She drew out my dreams and connected them to my values. She helped me realize my drive to take action, despite that sometimes being the scariest thing in the world to do. Nothing changes if nothing changes. Now is the time to change. Monika helped me take a leap of faith that for years I had wanted to take. On October 29 my life will change. I don’t know which direction it will take, but I know it will change. I will step on a plane in Boston and get off in London. What I leave on that day will not be the same when I return. And that’s what I want. I’m excited and I’m scared. You can’t get any more alive than that :)

Helen Leonowitz
Helen Leonowitz

Facebook and the solo female traveller group introduced me to Monika. The world is getting smaller everyday. Technology allows us to connect with others across the world. In April 2020, in New York, this was my life line. Time zones don’t matter. Monika was so very flexible in meeting with me at times that were convenient for me. What matters is being honest with yourself about your life goals and connecting with someone who understands you and is committed to motivate you to make those changes for yourself.

Whatever your motivation, your path has led you to Monika. To anyone reading this, I encourage you to make the investment in yourself. It was the best step forward I have ever taken. Work with Monika. You are worth it!!!


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