Claire Cutmore

After I finished my discovery call with Monika I knew that I would be working with her.

Her energy, confidence, authenticity, and passion matched exactly how I wanted to feel around my coaching business, yet I was only at the very beginning and did not know where to start.

The guidance from Monika along with the accountability allowed me to achieve more than I expected in our time together, and I found the support in between session tackled my limiting beliefs as they came up and gave me the reassurance in what I was doing.

Claire Cutmore
Claire Cutmore

However, the biggest thing for me was the clarity and confidence I got from getting clear on exactly what I wanted my business to be and believing that I could do it. Monika really is your own personal cheerleader, and it gets to a stage when you can’t help but believe in yourself too. It has got me to the stage that I am ready to give this dream business my best shot, and I am very excited about what will come next, so thank you Monika!


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