Anna Eden

Working with Monika has been an absolutely delightful and rewarding journey. She is one of a kind.

Looking back at our coaching programme, I feel so grateful and filled with light. No matter where on the roller coaster I was, how tired and unmotivated I would feel at times, she was always there to pick me up, pointing me in the direction that I, myself, had actually chosen, that I desired, so after every session with her I would feel extremely alive and empowered. She inspired me to listen inward, to my soul’s true purpose, and to make it happen, to actually take action step by step towards a life that I was just dreaming about before.

She would always ask the questions that reminded me that I have the power, that I am worthy, and she would always help me back on track as well as expanding my horizon and challenge my stories.

When we started I was in the middle of a burnout, and the day of our last session I landed in my first long term coaching client, while leaving the corporate world. In that situation my heart was singing, and I felt so confident, thanks to all help and support through the coaching, equipping me with the right tools and mindset.

Anna Eden
Anna Eden

Monika was there along the way to encourage me, holding space for my doubts and chaos, to slowly let them form clarity and direction – with a purpose. She was there to hold me accountable for the work I needed to do, even when it was outside my comfort zone.

The support in between the sessions has been gold, being able to update her on what’s going on for me and get quick feedback and reminders was invaluable in the process. She is a coach who quickly adjusts to your energy and genuinely engages in your journey.

Last but not least, Monika is a very warm, loving and fun person who I came to laugh a lot with and hopefully will meet as a friend sometime in the future!

I would highly recommend her to any woman who is stuck and needs a push in the right direction, with lots of sharpness and love.


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